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June 1, 2007

Letter to the Vancouver Sun

Re: This industry unbundling is a gas, Issues & Ideas, May 26

Harvey Enchin's commentary on the competitive natural gas supply business in British Columbia was a wry but relatively accurate picture of this new market.

Two additional notes. First, although new to B.C., MXenergy is hardly a "new marketer." Indeed, we are one of the oldest in North America, supplying natural gas and electricity in this new deregulated space since 1999. We are now the largest independent marketer of natural gas, serving customers behind 36 different utility territories in 14 states and two provinces.

Second, we are proud to report that our voluntary "Earth Friendly Partnership" program has been a huge success and is now providing 100-per-cent carbon offsets to thousands of environmentally sensitive residential and commercial customers.

Energy prices are the most volatile of any commodities or financial instruments, including interest rates. If your readers like their fixed rate mortgages, they are going to love a fixed price energy supply.

Jeffrey A. Mayer
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Stamford, Conn.